Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby Shower

I didn't take my camera, not did any body else for that matter, so unfortunately I HAVE NO PICTURES... AGAIN!!!!!! Oh, but someone did take pictures of the cakes. Priorities, people.
Lemon Raspberry Cake - just like my wedding cake! It was my favorite!!
Black Forest Cake - Super delicious and both were made by a super talented lady in my ward!
It was so nice to have my friends and my family there to talk to and catch up with. Our surrogate family, or "The Other Davises" as we like to call them, hosted the event for me and let me tell ya it was really nice. My only request for my shower was to have friends and good food. And there was plenty of both!!

One of the really great things that Shanon did was have everyone bring a decorated onesie in different sizes. They are SO adorable and I love them so much! I'm going to take a permanent marker and write the names of the people who gave them to me so I can remember them every time my little girl gets dressed. I can't pick my favorite! And I *love* that they are homemade. So a BIG thank you to any of my readers who came and decorated onesies for me!

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