Friday, June 26, 2009

Girl's Camp: Tuesday and Wednesday

On Tuesday, we (the girls and leaders from our ward) met at Sandy's and drove up to the campsite (which as previously mentioned is more like a resort than a camp, but whatever). It was pouring rain when we were packing the cars and didn't stop all day. Sometimes it would lighten up for a few minutes before continuing to pour. This didn't stop us, though. Since there wasn't any lightning, we continued on with our activities!

The main event on Tuesday for the fourth year girls (to which I was assigned) was a service project for the campsite. We went to a trail adjacent to the camp, killed the poison ivy, poison oak, etc. that was near the trail and marked it. I'm not sure we did a great job at it since they split us into groups and I wasn't really sure what exactly we were supposed to do, but we did our best. In addition to the fourth years doing this, the first years also helped out. It was a lot of fun talking about snipes and snipe hunting. :) I remember my first snipe hunt...

Any way, since we were in the woods, we didn't get too rained on (which was nice because it was kind of cold too) and after we were finished serving, the girl's broke into certification groups, then dinner.

After dinner, we had the evening program. (Let me preface this next part by saying that all of the wards did a great job on their songs and I could tell they put a lot of effort into it.) At the evening program all the wards performed their songs and our song kicked all the other ward's songs trashes!! Heh heh heh... Also, our ward banner was the best and we had a cabin to ourselves which we made awesome. Everyone wanted to be us. :) *sigh* I'm the best camp assistant director ever. :)

On Wednesday, the morning was spent doing certification and then the fourth years split into groups to do high ropes, or archery and firearms. I went with the archery and firearms group the first day. It was raining again, but it was a lot of fun. I even got to shoot a few arrows and got a turn with the bb gun. That night's evening program consisted of us singing a song nobody knew how to sing and the Pyne's (Verne and Nancy) speaking to the girls.

Unfortunately, one of the girls was really homesick and didn't feel well. She ended up going home that evening, which was sad. I wish she could've stayed the whole week. I think she would've had a lot of fun. However, the other Sister Davis showed up that night. I eventually got frustrated when the girl's would say, "Sister Davis," and we both would answer. And since I am a relative newcomer into young women's, most of the time, they weren't talking to me.

As we were talking in our bunks after lights out, I mentioned something about it to Shanon (sister Davis), and one of the girl's overheard. She suggested the names Sister Cherry and Sister Bananas. I became Sister Cherry because I had cherries all over my sleep pants and the other Sister Davis became Sister Banana I think in part because she's a blonde and in part because she's crazy! :) Even at church on Sunday, I was greeted by the girl's as Sister Cherry. It was nice.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Girl's Camp: Intro

I am the assistant director for the girl's camp in our ward. I have wanted this calling FOREVER!! After serving my 8 month sentence in nursery (which cured me of ever wanting to have children), I think the bishopric decided to throw me a bone and let me be part of girl's camp.

This past week was girls camp at a really nice place in Randleman NC. We were "camping" (I use the term very loosely) at a Woodmen of the World campsite which included cabins with air conditioning (which technically we were only allowed to run at night), a mess hall with air conditioning, large swimming pool with a deep end and diving board, archery range, shooting range, high ropes course with a zip line and a putt-putt course.

I'm still in the process of getting the pictures off my camera and sorting through the good ones and the bad ones, so pictures will have to wait, although there are several on facebook, if you're willing to look for them.

I honestly think that pairing me with Sister Starritt (who was really in charge) was inspired. We balanced each other out really well. I have never gone camping before where I had to pack everything that we would need for the campsite, but Sandy thought of everything. I brought several things that she didn't, though. I brought all the meds (which was very fortunate because we had a couple of girl's get sick over the week). I also brought extra bugspray, sunscreen and other things like that, that Sandy forgot. I think ultimately, though, I supplied the energy and enthusiasm.

I firmly believe that 90% of how wonderful, or how terrible a situation is comes from our attitude towards it. If you believe you're going to have a great time and are always upbeat and positive about a situation, then chances are, you're going to have a great time. But, if you focus on the negatives of a situation, that's all you'll think about and that's all you'll remember. Having this in mind, I made it my job to excited about everything at camp (Even the KP and bathroom cleaning duties). And it made a lot of difference! Even some of the girl's who didn't really want to be there were excited! We all had so much fun (even when it was cold and rainy or hot and humid!) and I can't wait to tell you all about it!
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