Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Apollo Burger

Ah, my old friend! Where you can order pastrami as condiment. My Dad discovered this little chain of Greek burger joints when he was living in Utah a few months before my Mom moved out there. I go every time I visit them. It's tradition. I always order the gyro because it's delicious, but their other items are pretty good too. This place offers an Apollo Burger where you actually get pastrami as a condiment on top of your burger. Because, as you know, you can never have too much meat.

Most of the appeal of this place though is the one restaurant that is owned by a Greek fellow that used to live in Virginia. Every time my Dad and I walk in, the guy (whose name I cannot ever remember) warmly (and loudly) greets us and asks how Virginia is. After politely reminding him that I'm from North Carolina he simply remarks that wherever it is, it's humid.

And it's the same conversation every time I go. This guy always has a smile and even sings occasionally. He'll even throw in a free baklava from time to time when me or my sister visit. And even though the food is not five star caliber, that guy makes it completely worth it. I cannot remember where exactly this one particular restaurant is, but I'll ask my Dad. If you're ever in the South Jordan area, you should totally go and tell him you're from North Carolina.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Dodo

While staying in Utah, I had the opportunity of catching up with my Sister and Brother-in-law and their adorable son at a restaurant called The Dodo. Apparently, they're known for their sandwiches, but being a little bored of sandwiches at the time, I went with the cobb salad. I honestly think that the cobb salad is one of the most perfect dishes ever, especially when eaten with The Dodo's honey mustard dressing. I cannot describe to you how delicious it was! I was literally honey with some whole seed mustard mixed in. It was mustard-y without being overpowering and wonderfully sweet. And the dressing totally counter-balanced the saltiness of the mounds of bacon and other toppings! I swear the salad was actually bacon (actual bacon, not "bacon" bits) and hard boiled eggs with a side of lettuce. I had them leave the dressing on the side and actually took most of the salad home with me. I had it two days later and it was still as crunchy and delicious as the day I ordered it. Ah, it was heavenly. I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for an interesting, non-chain restaurant in Salt Lake.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I know, I know!!

I know I said I was taking a blogging hiatus, but I honestly thought that I would be in Canada at this point for my grandmother's funeral. So, I've been hanging out with the fam in Utah. My grandmother did pass away two nights ago and we would've left yesterday, but my grandad decided to hold the funeral on the 19th. Matt and I will be in Vegas at that point and my parents aren't going to be driving up to Canada until next Tuesday, so here I sit.

I've already had a few culinary adventures while I've been here, though. I had my first In-and-Out burger. They've opened one a few minutes from my parents house and my little brother said that I must try one. While I've heard people wax lyrical about these burgers, I was a little skeptical about the hype. Not one to be drawn to burgers (I never have. Even when I was little my mom said I would order the chicken sandwich), I went expecting a middle of the road experience.

When we got to the restaurant, I searched for the menu and was surprised to see four things on it: Double Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Hamburger and Fries. Graciously, my brother offered to pay, but after looking at the menu again, it was no big gesture! The burgers are dang cheap!

I ordered the cheeseburger (because what self-respecting burger doesn't have cheese), fries and a drink. Here's what came.

The thing was huge! I actually ordered the cheeseburger with onions. They didn't just put a few onion rings on there either. They put a whole slice of onion-y goodness on that sucker! I have to admit, of the fast burgers available, they are some of the most tasty. In the top three at least. I think right after cookout burgers, and then Five Guys double cheeseburger with bacon (because what self-respecting burger doesn't have bacon as well!!). All in all a surprisingly delicious experience. I don't know if we'll ever get an In-and-Out in Raleigh, but if they do, I'm sure I'll be a frequent customer.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogging hiatus etc.

Not that I've been a particularly consistent blogger, I will be taking the next two weeks off. Firstly, because my grandmother is not doing well and I'm going to the cold white north to be with my family and secondly, because it's our five year anniversary and we're going to Las Vegas for a full week.
However, I do plan on blogging about my Vegas trip when I get back. I want to find some funky (and cheap!) places to eat while we're there so we don't break the bank! I'm really looking forward to our vacay. It's been a long time since Matt and I went somewhere without visiting or being with family. Not that I have anything against our families, but it is nice to get some one on one time with the one you love without many distractions!

In other news, I think I may have found a new hobby. I have really enjoyed making and arranging floral designs. I was in the store the other day, looking for and buying flowers for my sister-in-law's wedding when I ran into a friend who was also looking for flowers. We chatted for a while and eventually, we worked out a floral arrangement for her coffee table! I then went home and made this.


It's the groom's boutonniere. Her colors are black and white and she wanted something fairly simple, but still have some pizazz. I think the feathers really help with that. Let me tell you though, that floral tape is sticky stuff! And it's not actually sticky! Craziness! Any way, when I make some headway on the bouquet, I'll post it up here as well. She wanted peonies (which are gorgeous) and I picked out some beauts. I'm really excited to see how they turn out.

Alright, now I have to stop procrastinating the pre-vacation house cleaning.... *grumble*
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