Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recipe Review: S'mores Bars from Cherry Tea Cakes

I posted a while back about my web happy places; one of them being tastespotting.com. Tastespotting lead me to a blog called Cherry Tea Cakes. I instantly fell in love with this person, without having ever met her, and have enjoyed the inspiration she's lent me in the kitchen.

Recently she posted a recipe for s'mores bars
Image courtesy of Cherry Tea Cakes
I had to try them! I love trying things completely from scratch, rather than taking short cuts to get to an end product. I think I'm one of the few out there that actually enjoys doing things the long way occasionally (with a few exceptions of course. I still cannot bake bread. I bake door stops). Any way, the recipe is divine.

I do have a few snags with this recipe though. You would expect the bottom graham cracker type base to be crunchier. With the maximum time said in her blog, the bottom layer was somewhere along the lines of an overdone cake. Don't get me wrong! It was delicious! I might actually try to make a type of spice bar out of it one day. It just wasn't the crunch I was expecting, but insanely delicious all the same.

Additionally, the homemade marshmallow layer is incredibly sticky and difficult to make in my bosch mixer. I *love* my bosch. It is superior in every way to all other stand mixers except one: It doesn't do small batches well. And this marshmallow recipe did not give me a ton of marshmallow goodness. In the future, I'll just double the recipe (and you should too) and be on my merry way. Also, the marshmallow really does need a few hours to set up, unless you'd like the marshmallow to stretch right off the base while you're cutting it (or eating it, for that matter!)

Don't let this totally ruin this recipe for you though! I think it can be improved, but in the end, I think it might actually be easier to melt down some marshmallows and add butter to it to serve as your marshmallow layer. *Gasp* Did I just say that! Surely not... I think I need a few minutes of introspection. While I do that, whip up a batch of these. You won't be sorry.

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