Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy pregnancy horomone-induced dreams

The other night, I had the strangest dream. I attribute this craziness to the pregnancy hormones, that instead reducing me into a blubbering mess, make me rage like the She-Hulk. In fact, my new favorite thing is a tea-towel that says, "I chant, I meditate, I do yoga... and I still want to smack somebody." I think that sums me up right there.

Any way, the dream started out with me, my sister and my mom huddling in this little cinder block house for safety while 5 or 6 tornadoes start whipping around our little house. Just our little house. They just kept turning around and running over our house again and again. I was pretty terrified.

After the tornadoes subsided, my mother got this secret encoded message for our next door neighbor. She said I had to take it to him and go with him on his mission. I was pretty confused, but took it next door any way. Once there, the captain person heard the message, got all flustered, kissed his wife and two kids goodbye and dragged me behind him to his parked jumbo jet, waiting for us at the curb on the street.

Once in the plane, he proceeded to drive it, like a car, to the nearest airport. Once we got there, he was stumped by the air strip. It wasn't your normal long, flat and straight affair. It was on a raised plateau. So in order for planes to take off, they had to get up to speed, hit the ramp on the one side of the plateau and take off. In order to land, you had to hit the ramp coming back down and slow down on the other side. It was crazy.

The pilot guy was complaining and while hopping out to talk to somebody, told me to park the plane. Park the plane? I don't know how to park the plane? So what did I do? I got out, tied a rope to the front of the plane and pulled it along behind me like it was a radio flyer wagon, no problem. I proceeded to "park" the plane and went inside to catch up with the pilot guy, but we must've missed each other because when I came back from the bathroom, the plane was gone.

I woke up pretty soon after that. I was pretty dumbfounded by this one. First of all, the airstrip made total sense to me in the dream, but upon waking, became the most absurd thing I've ever heard! Secondly, why did this guy have a jumbo jet just parked outside his house and why did he drive it on the road like a car? Any way, I'm just grateful that I'm able to sleep enough to dream. Sleep is so much harder when you're used to sleeping on your stomach and you just can't do that comfortably any more!

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