Sunday, June 12, 2011


The girls putting up their tent!

When we first moved into the ward, the Bishop asked us if we could have any calling in the ward, what would it be. I immediately answered, "Girl's camp." He looked incredibly surprised and said with a smile, "Well, alright then. I'll keep that in mind." A few months later, I was called to be a girl's camp leader and have practically begged them not to release me every year since. The pictures are from last year's camp!

Hangin' out!
Three years later, I still love going and having a chance to see the young women let loose! I also get to see the girls that started in activity days when I was in the Cary 2 ward. Umm, they are practically grown ups now! It is so weird.
My girls at the evening program
As you can probably tell, camp is this week and I'm looking forward to have air conditioned cabins! I think having to sleep in the heat, on the ground while being 14 weeks pregnant would not be an all together pleasant experience.
Grilled cheese sammiches are the best!
I am, however, sad to think this is probably my last year to go to camp for a while. Next year I'll have a 6 month old and won't be able/want to leave him or her for a week. Although, it might be nice to have a break from one of my three callings. I'll definitely miss going to camp next year, though!
The Amazing Deflating Tent!

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