Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Dodo

While staying in Utah, I had the opportunity of catching up with my Sister and Brother-in-law and their adorable son at a restaurant called The Dodo. Apparently, they're known for their sandwiches, but being a little bored of sandwiches at the time, I went with the cobb salad. I honestly think that the cobb salad is one of the most perfect dishes ever, especially when eaten with The Dodo's honey mustard dressing. I cannot describe to you how delicious it was! I was literally honey with some whole seed mustard mixed in. It was mustard-y without being overpowering and wonderfully sweet. And the dressing totally counter-balanced the saltiness of the mounds of bacon and other toppings! I swear the salad was actually bacon (actual bacon, not "bacon" bits) and hard boiled eggs with a side of lettuce. I had them leave the dressing on the side and actually took most of the salad home with me. I had it two days later and it was still as crunchy and delicious as the day I ordered it. Ah, it was heavenly. I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for an interesting, non-chain restaurant in Salt Lake.

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  1. Dodo IS yummy. Citris Grill (3300 S......3300 E? - there is also one in Draper) is also delicious, non-chainy, and so forth. Their greek salad is awesome, among other things. And Kyoto - sushi, other traditional Japanese dishes, AND actually has some tables where you sit on the floor - is also delicious. I can't remember the address right this second - 1300 E and....1100 S?
    There are lots of eating out possibilities :)


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