Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogging hiatus etc.

Not that I've been a particularly consistent blogger, I will be taking the next two weeks off. Firstly, because my grandmother is not doing well and I'm going to the cold white north to be with my family and secondly, because it's our five year anniversary and we're going to Las Vegas for a full week.
However, I do plan on blogging about my Vegas trip when I get back. I want to find some funky (and cheap!) places to eat while we're there so we don't break the bank! I'm really looking forward to our vacay. It's been a long time since Matt and I went somewhere without visiting or being with family. Not that I have anything against our families, but it is nice to get some one on one time with the one you love without many distractions!

In other news, I think I may have found a new hobby. I have really enjoyed making and arranging floral designs. I was in the store the other day, looking for and buying flowers for my sister-in-law's wedding when I ran into a friend who was also looking for flowers. We chatted for a while and eventually, we worked out a floral arrangement for her coffee table! I then went home and made this.


It's the groom's boutonniere. Her colors are black and white and she wanted something fairly simple, but still have some pizazz. I think the feathers really help with that. Let me tell you though, that floral tape is sticky stuff! And it's not actually sticky! Craziness! Any way, when I make some headway on the bouquet, I'll post it up here as well. She wanted peonies (which are gorgeous) and I picked out some beauts. I'm really excited to see how they turn out.

Alright, now I have to stop procrastinating the pre-vacation house cleaning.... *grumble*

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  1. Teri!! This looks amazing!! Good to see you!~


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