Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My hair!

I am bored by my hair. I want to cut it off. Like all of it off. But I've been growing it out for so long I've become sort of attached to easy ponytails and the laziness of never styling it. Like, ever. Here's a good picture demonstrating the length.

So in lieu of cutting it off, I've thought about dying it some kind of craziness. I just don't know what. My husband has said no to my repeated requests to perm it and/or dye it red, so I've got limited options there. Also, the streak of blond I put in the back (which was delightful for a while) has grown out something serious and looks bad. Any ideas?

Also, my lack of hitting the gym has seriously taken its toll on my arms... I think I need to start lifting again. Soon.

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