Friday, July 15, 2011

Lack of posting due to lack of pictures

So I hate writing posts and not have pictures to go with them. I am a visual person and half the time I just like looking at pictures people have taken. Now, we've been remarkable busy the past two weeks, but believe it or not, we did not take ANY pictures!!

Our friends in Charlotte invited down for an Independence Day party and we were there for a long weekend! The party was fun, but I've developed some pretty intense allergies to EVERYTHING since I've been pregnant including dogs. I've never had a problem with dogs before in my life (other than not particularly caring for them as them jump all over you and lick you all the time), but the weekend was miserable due to the presence of a very large boxer in residence. Bella (pronounced in the spanish version: Be-ya) is an incredibly well behaved dog and I generally like her, but I had a running nose, congestion and itchy eyes the whole weekend. Top that off with a killer headache the day of the party and the weekend was pretty long.

Any way, we left their house on Tuesday and on Thursday night we left for Wadesboro. my father-in-law got married last weekend and it was the same story. The house is old and there are dogs there as well. It was great because the weekend was filled with family we don't see often, but between the allergies and lack of central AC (only window units in a ginormous house doesn't quite cut it) and the general stress of getting ready for a wedding made the weekend equally long.

And the whole time, we never got our cameras out! Any way, I'm recovering from seeing HPDHP2 this morning at 2:50 AM. Ugg... I am not as young as I used to be.

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