Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Concert

I think my husband said it best after the concert. He said (of Muse), "They are amazing musicians, but they aren't performers." I would totally have to agree. Don't get me wrong! The concert was incredible and the experience, unforgettable. But all they did was go from one song to the next. There was no interaction with the audience beyond the obligatory, "How are you doing tonight, Raleigh?!" I love Muse and their music. It was as good, if not better live. I just wish there had been a little more performing in addition to all the incredible, ear drum bursting wall of sound.

Now, that I've said my peace, I can dwell in memory of the gloriousness of the evening. Muse is one of the few remaining bands/groups that sounds just as good live, if not infinitely better. At the risk of going off on a tangent, why is it that so many "singers" have to rely on technology to sound even half-way decent on a recording? You know what, never mind. Muse has always sounded delicious live, as it should be.

Any way, the concert was amazing and I made some friends with the guys standing in front of us (so in the event of me jumping up and accidentally landing on their feet, they wouldn't mind so much) and had an awesome time. My ear drums felt like I had cotton balls stuck in them for the rest of the evening and I honestly thought that I might lose my voice for a while the next morning (but nothing can get these pipes down for long!). Truly, it was a wonderful night. *sigh* I definitely will go see them again when they come to town.

So, here are my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

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