Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who else is lovin' the Olympics?!

I know I sure am! I've got my DVR set to record every minute of it! I don't even dream that I'll watch all of it, but I want to be able to turn on the TV and have it on immediately.  I'm so proud of all the athletes that have been performing their best and I just love seeing what the human body can accomplish!

The surprising thing of this year's games has been how much I haven't really cared who was winning. Normally I am so Team USA, but this year I have just been happy to watch the joy on the faces of the winners, regardless of nationality. Of course, I'm rooting for Team USA, but I'm not mad if we lose.

My favorites athletes for these games have been Allison Schmitt and Danell Leyva. Allison is so positive and bubbly, it's hard not to like her. And Danell Leyva had an amazing comeback, jumping from 5th to 3rd place in only two events. Amazing. And to see him with his Dad is just touching!

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But all that aside, I think watching this year's Olympic Games has motivated me to train a little harder. Who says I couldn't do that? I don't ever think I'll ever have a desire to compete on the international level at anything (except maybe couch surfing or baby kissing), but who's to say that I couldn't compete in my races or any chosen sport to the best of my ability. No one. And it's made me want to strap on my shoes, throw the kiddo in the jogging stroller and go all out crazy with my running! I think that coupled with the fact that I clocked my fastest 5k pace since high school (11:20 min/mile) the other day really have got me excited again about TYR. So here's to the next 14 weeks of training and gettin' my run on!

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