Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Operation Date Night: March and April

So, I'm a little late on posting our March date, but I thought I'd share it any way!! When I went to buy the tickets for the Ben Folds concert, the price had jumped from $25 to $55. I like Ben Folds and the NC Symphony, but I don't like them THAT much. :) So, we scrapped the concert and just went to the Peak City Grill instead. We didn't take any pictures, but the food was pretty delicious and it was pretty much just us in the restaurant (we went on our anniversary which happened to land on a Monday - 7 years? When did I get so old?).

And for April, we did pretty much the same thing! Ack! We're off to a bad start! Well, we were supposed to go strawberry picking and then come home and make jam, but our produce box had six quarts of organic strawberries for so cheap, I just ordered them. Unfortunately, the strawberries went bad before I could find somewhere with canning supplies in stock. It broke my heart to throw away 6 quarts of strawberries. But, that's what I get for wait to the last minute to find what I needed.

Any way, so for our April date, we again just went out to dinner. We went to a local place called The Chef's Palette. It. was. auh-mazing. The atmosphere was interesting. The walls were covered (I mean, literally COVERED) in local artists work. There were all different styles and subjects represented on the walls and made for some interesting dinner conversations. But the food was wonderful and fresh! Every bite was truly glorious. I think I'm going to to try to deconstruct their lemon poppy seed dressing from my incredible roasted apple, strawberry and candied walnut salad. Any way, it was nice to get away for an hour or two, but I was definitely ready to come back to the little one!

Well, I will promise that this next month's date will actually happen as scheduled and that we'll have pictures to go along with it!


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