Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

As of today, Baby Girl is 5 months old. WHAT?! It feels like the last three months have flown by! I remember feeling like those first two months would never end and now I keep wish time would slow down a little. So far, 4 months has been my favorite. She learned how to roll over, both ways, she started sitting up unassisted for a few seconds, she's realized there's a whole big world out there and she just loves to stare at Truman and try to grab his fur (so far he's been very tolerant of her tugging). She's said her first word (Mum-mum) and uses it to get my attention (said in a continuous mum-mum-mum-mum-mum), had her first laugh and is so fascinated by everything around her. It's like being able to discover new things right along with her.

And as her Mother's Day present to me, she cut her first tooth last night. I could not believe it when I felt her gums this morning as she chewed on my finger. I thought maybe I'd caught her gum with my nail at some point, but no! It's her first tooth! Bottom left! Craziness!

And today's been a day of firsts! Not only did she get her first tooth, but she has her first solids today (no, we did not plan for it to coincide)! We started with some applesauce and she LOVED it. Of course, this makes total sense to me considering that she gets apple juice everyday (the only way we can get her reflux medicine in her. I'm not just giving my daughter juice willy nilly) and slurps it down as fast as she can. In a few days, I'll try the rice cereal and see how that goes. We got a video of her having her first solids and I'll try to figure out how to upload it when I can. Any way, here's some pictures from the last few weeks!
First tooth. You can just see the top of it breaking through the gums under Matt's finger.

She just LOVES bathtime because of this cup

"Seriously, Mom?" -Everly

This was after our first run in the chariot.

From today. Even having a cold and cutting teeth, she's still a happy smiley girl.

She fell asleep in the Moby wrap while I was shopping at the grocery store.

Her favorite face to make. Smiling with her tongue stuck out to the side.


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