Wednesday, October 19, 2011

There is nothing better...

Than an ice cold glass of apple cider. I just cannot explain for refreshing and delicious it is. The only thing I can conceivably come close is.... drum roll please!

Love the veggie baskets!

Totally awesome carved pumpkins and squashes!

My sister made that red dress!
Found this little guy over in the garden section.
The State Fair! Ok, ok, I know this is totally corny but I *love* the state fair. There is so much to see, do and taste that it can't hardly be fit into one day! My favorite parts have got to be the big giant vegetables, or maybe the hideously dressed people that come out every year, or perhaps it's all the food! I can't ever decide which part is the best!

Can anyone guess what I have in common with this watermelon?
And this year, the fair is even more fun because not only did enter one of the fair's competitions, but a few people I know did as well! My sister entered a few items, namely a quilt, and won 5th place!! I don't know if she won any prize money, but that's still an achievement! Also, a friend of mine, Britt Brostrom, was recently featured in the New and Observer for winning 3rd place in a pie contest! She also won 1st place in the horseshoe throwing contest! Way to go Britt!

I, on the other hand, did not do as well as I had hoped.

There were no ribbons on my pictures, which was a major bummer, but it was still cool to see my photo hanging on the wall like a real gallery. Here I am with my picture (sorry for the blurriness! It's the only one I got!).

I am *so* tired after the 5 hour trip to the fair. I just cannot keep up with my sister (power walking champion of the world) with my back and feet hurting like they do! I tried, but in vain. By the end, I was limping along quite pitifully. Oh, but I had such a great time, seeing the giant vegetables, eating lots of food and having the weight-guessing carnies comment on my immanency (which is not immanent enough!). Regardless of the heckling I received, I am glad I went today. And I'm looking forward to going again. On Thursday. With Matt. :) Hope everyone can make it to the fair this year (and if you do, be sure to go see my photo!!) and have a great time!

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