Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Our ward is doing a Trunk-or-Treat this year and Matt and I are dressing up! My original idea for a costume is not going to work. I thought it would be fun to be a pirate lady carrying a cannon ball, but in execution, the cannon ball idea just didn't come through. It just looked like I was wearing a black t-shirt with a weird string thing hanging off of it.

Any way, since the trunk-or-treat is happening this Saturday, I've had to scramble a last minute idea for a costume and I think I've found it!

Kinda creepy, yet kind of cute, right?

I love this blog because it's a little bit of everything (but mostly sewing) and I know I could totally pull this together pretty quick. The only hard part will be finding a long sleeved black shirt for me that I'm okay with painting a skeleton on. I don't want to pay full price, ya know? So here's hoping I can find something cheap!

I will definitely post pictures of the two of us wearing our skeleton costumes at the trunk-or-treat next week!

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