Monday, September 26, 2011

A long awaited picture

We went to Blacksburg this past weekend and FORGOT THE CAMERA AT HOME! ARGH!! It was so beautiful up there this weekend with one notable exception: I came down with a cold.

You know how most of the time, you feel kind of cruddy and then finally you get the majority of the symptoms? Yeah, that didn't really happen. I has a sore throat Friday night and woke up with a runny nose and congestion. I think I'm on the other side of it now, but I'm taking it easy for the next few days.

Other than the cold, it was wonderful to visit my parents. We spent the morning at a Virginia Tech surplus auction, at which I accidentally bid on a few items (yikes!). Luckily, we only won the items we wanted which included two desks, a rolling chair and a sweet sweater vest for my dad.

In other news, I've started my third trimester and so far it's been pretty good. Pinto bean is flopping around like a little fish and I'm having to go to the doctor more often (every two weeks, as opposed to once a month. This means I'm almost done, right?). Oh, and I finally feel like I look pregnant, not fat. Here's one of the *FEW* belly pictures I am going to share with you guys.

Look at me, aren't I fah-bulous dahling? Good grief.
I'm not really digging the swelling though. My hands have swollen so much that I can't wear my wedding rings any more (this picture is about two weeks old, although I don't look that much bigger) and I feel like my face is looking pretty wide these days. I am, however, happy to say that I'm in the home stretch and I can't wait until December gets here! Here's to a swift and problem-free 11 weeks (give or take)!

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