Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NC Fair Photography Competition

So, I've decided to enter another fair competition: amateur photography! I can't seem to figure out which of my pictures is the best. I've put my favorites below and would really appreciate your input on which is your favorite! I can only submit one photo, so it's got to be the best! Here's hoping I can get an "Honorable Mention" ribbon this year, because the competition is pretty stiff! Thanks for your help!

A Perfect Beginning

Biltmore Bliss

Lovely Lily

Dark Daffodils

A Day at the Beach

Sunlight Bath

Jumping Jellyfish!

The Lone Fisherman

Shark Infested Waters

E Loves the Beach

Toes in the Sand


  1. Ummm... my vote is for any of the pictures of Eleanor. But I am admittedly biased. :-)


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