Friday, August 19, 2011

Blacksburg is Beautiful

And again, I HAVE NO PICTURES! Arg! I curse my parents for not being the kind of people who whip their cameras out for everything!

My parents recently relocated to scenic Blacksburg, Virginia so that my dad can earn his PhD at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!). This week, I went up to see them and help them unpack. I didn't feel particularly useful, as my ability to bend over has been severely limited as of late, but I was able to smooth ALL of the packing paper from the boxes so they can save it. Go me!

Their apartment complex is amazing! It is a group of several different kinds of rental properties catering to specific demographics. For example, my parents live in the section that caters to older adults and families (meaning no roudy students to deal with). Their building is the farthest into the complex and is next to Virginia Tech farms, so the view is incredibly picturesque. Pictures will be provided upon completion of another trip up there!

In addition to having a fantastic view, they are only two miles away from campus. Since my parents only brought one car with them, that means my dad will be riding his incredibly fancy bike (it costs more than my first car!) to school everyday. That is, until it gets to cold and snows. Then he'll take the bus that picks up right at his building and drops off on campus. Very convenient.

Their apartment is a tiny two bedroom, two bathroom place that has been fitted to be handicap accessible (a plus for my mom and her walker) and the kitchen is pitiful. I inherited my love of cooking from my mom, so this is going to be a challenge for her. But knowing her, she'll make it fabulous and work for her in short order.

Part of me thinks my dad is crazy for going back to school at this point in his life (I mean the guy is 60-something), but another part of me is really proud of him and wants him to have that accomplishment under his belt.

I'm also excited that they are a mere 221 miles from me, as opposed to the 2157 miles previous. I am planning on visiting often, especially after the baby comes. I'm so glad that we'll be able to see Grandma and Grandpa Dudley more often than when they lived in Utah. The only unfortunate downside of this is that after three years when my dad finishes, they'll have to move back to Utah. They're currently renting out their house and most of their stuff is still in the basement there. Since my dad's work is paying for him to go to school, he had to agree to work for them a minimum of three years after the completion of his education. *le sigh* Well, maybe by that time, we'll be rolling in the dough and can fly out of Utah twice a year or something... One can hope, right?

Well, I'm happy for my parents and hope they can make some good friends there soon! Good luck, Dad!

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