Tuesday, April 5, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

My new digz gloves
These have been a lifesaver, especially since I've been doing much more in the yard then I ever have before. My gloves have a "suede" palm, adjustable velcro wrist straps, and padding right where you need it (basically everywhere I'd gotten blisters before). And the best part is they're machine washable! They are wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone doing some dirty work in the yard.

Broiler Pans/My Oven's Broiler
I've recently discovered how much more wonderful food tastes when you broil it. It cooks things much quicker and adds more flavor. The broiler is, in essence,an upside-down indoor grill. So of course it makes things taste better!

I love to dance and shake my bootie, but Matt absolutely detests it. So this is my opportunity to go shake my thang and burn up some calories. I love my instructor Audra. She's amazing!

Matt's New Job
Matt has officially gotten a new job that will keep him home all the time!! Hurray! He starts staying home after this Friday and will start his new job on the 15th. And the best part is that he won't be taking a pay cut like we feared! They're keeping it the same! *Whew*!

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