Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ummm, how did I not know about these?!

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They are the most delicious things ever! How have I lived 25 years on this Earth and not known about cake balls?!?!?!

Seriously easy to make (albeit time consuming), completely delicious and the possibilities for ridiculous cuteness are off the charts!

My sister and I checked out Bakerella's book on cake pops from the library and we decided since we've got some time on our hands, we'd try making some!

I've always excelled with fiddley things. I think it brings out my OCD tendencies.

I only realized afterward that I made cake balls in ECU colors, but I guess it's alright since I went there for *ONE* semester. :) Regardless of the color scheme, they tasted amazing! I will definitely be making these again! The recipes can be found on Bakerella's website (although in her book she recommends using 3/4 can of frosting to one cake instead of the one to one found on her blog).

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