Friday, July 2, 2010

Ole Time Barbeque Review

I love me some good barbecue. The problem is that good barbecue is hard to find. Of the barbecue in the area, I firmly believe that Ole Time kicks all the other 'que shacks' trash.

I recently discovered that they have two locations and there's one ridiculously close to us! I haven't been there yet, but I'm sure that it will be just as good as the double-wide trailer in Cary. It won't have one thing that the Cary location has: charm.

Ole Time is nothing more than a double-wide, yellow dive on the side of Chatham Street in Cary. They serve up the best tasting pork in the area in addition to the most delectable hushpuppies this side of the Mississippi. The flavor of the food is only enhanced by the ambiance and the service that is only attainable by deep southern hospitality.

Matt and I went for a date a few weeks ago and here is our exact (well, almost) conversation:

Waitress: What do you want?
Me: I'll have the pulled pork sandwich plate with potato salad and beans please.
Matt: You're not going to get coleslaw?
Me: Um, Ew. No.
Matt (to the waitress): Can I have her coleslaw on my plate?
Waitress: What?
Matt: She doesn't want her coleslaw, and I want other sides, so can I have her coleslaw put on my plate?
Waitress: Um, no. You can get your own coleslaw (said with the most sass possible).
Matt: Oh, ok. I'll have (I can't remember) with (two sides I can't remember) and my own coleslaw.

We all laughed at this point, but seriously, that waitress was really abrupt and seemed esasperated by the very fact that we were there. And if happened in any other restaurant, Matt might've had words with the manager, but we laughed hysterically. Our waitress was an older black lady and you just knew she'd just about had it for the day. It was hot in the little double wide and it was kind of late in the day. I loved it! Service with a side of sass.

And honestly, isn't a large part of any reason you go to your favorite places the atmosphere it offers? I love that the wait staff treats you like family, and just like every family, they'll let you know when you're being dumb. I love Ole Time. It is truly a 5 star place, even if it is a little rough around the edges.

Oh, and I just found out you can order their barbecue online! So, if you're not living in Raleigh and want some good southern sunshine to brighten your evening meal, order some delicious North Carolina barbecue. You won't regret it!

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