Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The newly reorganized kitchen!!

We have recently been running a bed and breakfast out of our house (or at least it feels like it!) We had some friends over Friday through Monday for Memorial and then Matt's uncle and aunt and one of their kids came to visit last night. Since there have been guests at my house, parts of my house have been clean! :) Which means you get morepictures of my house! This is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house. It's about neck and neck with the green room. *note: I finally got around to paintint those horrid orange cabinet doors. They are now completely white and fabulous looking. Any way, here is the kitchen:

This picture is taken from the sink. That doorway leads into the living room. The kitchen is on the backhalf of the house.

Turning to the right, is our baker's rack because I have too many kitchen gadets to fit in my cabinets!

Moving farther right, is the little half bath tucked under our stairs. I kind of wish it had been a pantry, but I really like having a bathroom downstairs. If you turn more to the right, you would see a doorway into the green room.

Here's a cool picture of my favorite light fixture ever! And our table. You can see the porch out the windows too.
This was taken with my back to the baker's rack, table to my right and the bathroom to my left. We just put up those little racks under the cabinets. We got them from Ikea
(I think Heaven will look like an Ikea)

This the bottom corner of the previous picture, you can see the corner of our island. This pot rack hangs on top it. Also, on the left side of the picture, you can see our side door to the driveway. The the left of that is the laundry room.

And hidden in the island is our dishwasher. Clever, no?

I like the corner sink. When I wash dishes (which is hardly never thanks to my wonderful husband) I can look outside at the trees. *sigh* I love the trees around our house.

And those are all the pictures I have for now. I think next, I'll do a tour of the upstairs, although it will take some time to clean and organize that stuff.


  1. IKEA heaven?! A bunch of stuff that isn't yours but you walk around a maze and try out everything, sounds like the other place:)

  2. Well, in heaven all the Ikea stuff would be mine of course! :)

  3. Go Teri! Looks Fab, of course! LOL


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