Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mission: Destroy the mouse

One of the very best things about our new home is that the previous owner was an english major and transformed the dining room into a library to house her enormous book collection. I have always wanted a library in my house and am thrilled to be able to have one so early in my life!! I don't have nearly the same amount of books as she did, but I've got room to grow!

The one drawback is that the previous owner also LOVED Disney. When we walked through the house, there was at least one Disney related thing in each room, if not more. I think it was her love of the mouse that drove her to do something that truly (in my opinion) detracted from the house. She had cut-out holes of Mickey Mouse on the top molding on the shelves in the library.

The following is a documentary on my attempts to get rid of the mouse:

So you have a mouse problem, eh? Don't look at this like a problem, but an advantage to beautify a room.

In some of my earlier planning sessions, I had contemplated square, ceramic tiles, preferably of the hand painted spanish style, but given the desired use of the room (garden-themed), I opted for silk flowers.

Shown here is the final result. Note: I hung curtains in front of two panels of shelves to be explained later.

Here is the end result of the mission. Also, please don't think that I am crazy. I am going to paint the cabinet doors white. I just haven't had time yet. I love my room. It's wonderful to read in. Very relaxing.

Here are the two panels I've hung curtains on. I made the curtains to cover up my pantry storage since there really isn't any. The "pantry" is a few shelves above my washer and dryer, but that space smells like laundry detergent and also makes most food stored there taste like tide.
I also love the shutter blinds that the previous owner installed. Several other windows in the hosue have them too. It just goes so well in this room though.

Any way, I love my library and look forward to collecting more books and cool old glass bottels to put on my shelves. :)


  1. I love the cover up! That is awesome, you are so creative...

  2. This room looks great!! How you're doing well!!~

  3. Creative! It will be neat to see in person this weekend.


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