Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Our ward decided to do a monthly cooking class hosted by different people each month. This past month, I volunteered to host and teach the class for February. In keeping with Valentine's Day, I decided to do a chocolate night. Here's what was on the menu:
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Oreo truffles
  • Chocolate chocolate chip cookies
  • Death by Chocolate
The ladies that came were hilarious! Perhaps it was the extra endorphins from the chocolate or the company, but everybody was laughing and having a great time! I think the hit of the night was the Death by Chocolate. It's my brother's favorite dessert. He always asks for it for his birthday. It's really easy. Just layer chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, chocolate pudding, whipped cream and heath bar bits. Just keep layering until you've run out of something!! The other thing that people loved the most (but told me about afterwards) were the chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I baked them off at the end and most people took them home to their families. I got the recipe from allrecipes.com (one of my favorite recipe sites). I think these were the best chocolate cookies I've ever had. Here's the link : Cookies! Make them. You'll love them!

Photo courtesy of allrecipes.com and foodie.blog.co.uk

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