Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We've moved!!

We've moved into our new house, finally! We have most of our things in the house and are in the process of unpacking and putting away. I'm glad that we are finally here, although it doesn't feel like home just yet. I would have a bunch of pictures of everything, but we can't find the camera yet. I know it's in a box here, I just don't know which box!! As soon as I find it, I'll snap a couple of pictures of the new paint in a few rooms and how we've got furniture. :)

In addition to having to remember to go to our house when we go home (we've both forgotten a few times and started heading toward our old apartment), we're both going to ditch our cars in support of public transportation! I will be taking a combination of the city's bus system and my bike. Matt will be doing both or just the bike. He hasn't quite decided yet. We're hoping we save some money that would've gone towards gas. I rode the bus today for the first time and it was surprisingly pleasant. I've heard some horror stories about the CAT system, but I had my headphones in and it was great. Eventually I am going to ride my bike all the way to school, but I think I'll have to work up to that one.

Truman has had a really hard time adjusting to his new surroundings. This is him hiding while the movers came and took our furniture away. He just buried his head completely and sat there the whole time. Poor kitty! We've moved a couple of times before and generally he needs about half a day to a day to adjust and realize that he's just in a new place. This time, it's been a couple of days adjustment. He seems to be ok for now, but he's still pretty jumpy (not that he wasn't already jumpy). There were two other cats (possibly more) that lived here before and I think he smells them and is waiting for them to jump out and attack him. We're also hoping to transition him to an inside/outside cat (and in the process hopefully eliminating the litter box!! Yay!). I think I'm going to wait to start that journey, though.

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