Monday, July 28, 2008

The Pegboard Office Desk

What does an OCD do when he has an afternoon to kill and 3 computers to setup? He does what your about to see. Total cost is approx $20.

  • $10 pegboard
  • $1 for each bag of wingnuts, screws and washers
  • $10 for the nylon ties

So I have 3 computers. A linux box, windows box, and a linux router. They're all accessible via a 4-port KVM. This equates to a mess of power, monitor and network cables. My previous setup was with nylon zip ties, but I didn't quiet think them thru and tied & tightened all the zip ties after I was done. This didn't prove to be useful later when I needed to add or remove something. So I learned from my mistakes and hopefully this setup is much more useful.



Click here to find out more. Note, to follow the process, change the smugmug style to Journal.

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