Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let there be light!!

So, in every proverbial tunnel, there is a proverbial light. Sometimes it's hard to see said light because of the 50 million other things obstructing your view, that and the fact that sometimes the tunnel is in actuality a black hole that is sucking the light right out of visual grasp. But lo, there is light! I have viewed it mine eyes and I pronounce it to be of goodly nature. I urge thee, brethren, to seek after such light, as it will nourish the soul and it giveth hope.

I am finally done with my tests. Well, for now at least. I made it through and to be honest, I think I did pretty well on my test today. I'm hoping that I really did. The last test I took in this class that I thought I did well on, turned out not to be so. Any way, I am giving education another chance. Hopefully it won't screw up its chances of reconciliation this time. On the note of test taking, I wanted to share an amusing anecdote. I had to be up and in my lab at 7:30 this morning. It was a very early morning considering I had only gotten to bed a few precious hours earlier. However, the lab did not take up the allotted time and I was left with an hour plus to kill before the test. I, along with my trusty sidekick Shelley, went to the Schaub lobby to study, only to find it was occupied with approximately 7-9 other students from the very same class that we were going to study for. We sat down and studied furiously. We had been studying different kinds of feeding in a hospital setting and one of the risks on a certain type of feeding is aspiration of fluid into the lungs. We were talking about the pros and cons of a feeding regiment when someone said, "Wait, is aspiration and aspiration the same thing?" What she meant to say is the will to succeed the same thing as the movement of fluid into the lungs, causing pneumonia? this struck me as funny. Not only because of the intonation she used in this exclamation but also that the word, the very same one, could mean two very different things. One word is about hope, while the other is about your impending doom. Interesting, no?

As of late, nothing really exciting has happened here. We've just been plugging away, making it through one day at a time. I have, however, received threats that it is possible I could be called to be the new choir pianist. I sincerely hope this doesn't come to pass. While I enjoy playing for the Institute choir, I have repeated told them not to expect miracles. I am not that good. I can generally play hymns and other very simple pieces of music. Generally speaking, choral music has some interesting piano counterpoint that sets of the singers melodies just so. And generally speaking, it's usually difficult. Please, join me in my hopes that I will not be called to such a calling. I believe it would break my spirit.

Well, comrades, I leave you with this picture. Try to guess what it is! I'll let you know in a few days!

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  1. My guess is the yellow middle of a flower. Or a tennis ball. Or yellow velcro. What do I win if I guess correctly?


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