Monday, April 7, 2008

Daniel and other events...

Matt went down to Wadesboro yesterday to visit with Wayne and Daniel. He brought back a surprise! Daniel came home with him and will probably stay with us for a couple of days.

While I was at school today, I noticed that there was a lot of goings on in the brickyard. Upon further investigation, I learned that this week is agriculture awareness/appreciation week. They had a bunch of farm animals and big tractors in the yard. So, I called Matt and asked if he wanted to come to lunch with me and then take Daniel to see everything (Daniel had gone to work with Matthew). They came, we had lunch, then walked over to where everything was. Daniel enjoyed seeing all the animals and especially enjoyed seeing the big machinery.

Here's Daniel at lunch. He really enjoyed his sandwich!

Daniel, true to fashion was trying to hide his face when we were taking pictures. He kept leaning out of the frame. That's my hand trying to coax him to come back. Also, this is a picture of a cannulated cow. Basically, they put a permanent window into one of the cow's stomachs. It's actually kind of cool and very very weird at the same time.
Daniel kept trying to cover his face with his hands, so I jumped into the picture to try to get a good picture of his smile!

This was Daniel's favorite thing. There was a giant tractor and we all thought it was funny that the wheels were bigger than he was. (They were bigger than me too!)

On a totally unrelated train of though, Matt, my friend Sarah and her husband Josef (who works with Matt) and I went to get a pedicure. Interestingly enough, it was Matt's idea. Last weekend, I was supposed to go shopping with Sarah. The night before I noticed Matt's feet were pretty rough looking and suggested a pedicure. He then asked about Sarah. I said we could work it out. He then suggested calling her and asking if she and Josef wanted to join us for lunch and a pedi. :) Josef reluctantly agreed, but no where could take all four of us at a time. So, we scheduled some pedicures for the following week (which was last Saturday).

Here's a good shot of us.

Can you guess whose feet these are? They're certainly not mine! They're too hairy!

Matt's manicurist waited until she was massaging his feet to ask him what color he wanted to do. He said he didn't care. She looked to me and I said whatever she wanted to do was great. :) This is what she chose. It was perfect! I was a little jealous! If I could've, I would've gotten fuchsia nails with yellow polka dots too!! But sadly, my best friend is getting married on Saturday, so I went with a more traditional color. Matt still has the polish on and claims he's going to keep it for a while. I'll let you know how long he lasts. :)

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