Saturday, July 14, 2012


Here are my favorites from my Canada trip. We had so much fun visiting family and it was wonderful spending time with my parents. We definitely will need to go back again soon. 10 years is too long to wait between visits! So, let's commence the photo onslaught!
Four generation photo - Grandpa Dudley is my last living grandparent, so I thought I should snap this while I still could

Pictures from Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. Pretty cool place. And Matt's solution to a windy day with Evie asleep in the stroller
This is the actual jump.
The view from the cliff was incredible!

Pictures from the carriage ride my Dad and I took at the Remington Carriage Museum in Cardston. The mountain in the background is Old Chief. It's an iconic part of that area.
My Mom and Aunt Lori were cackling about something.

Clockwise from top left: Cool solar lamp in my aunt's garden, Uncle Larry making Dasiy dance for her treats, My Dad and his sister Shannon and her girl Sarah, Dad and Matt with the swollen Bow river in the background, Evie taking a bath in the super awesome sink at Aunt Lori's, Evie wrapping Uncle Larry around her finger
I love the picture I caught of Matt sneezing in front of the Cardston temple.
Such a great picture.

Flowers, flowers, flowers... Lettuce! ... Flowers
Arrr, matey, don't be stealin' me chew rings!

These were at the botanical gardens at the Calgary Zoo. So beautiful!

Animals at the zoo

Butterflies, a peahen and some gorgeous poppies.

My Mom and Dad's reactions to "Smile!" and then, the apple of their eyes.

These poppies had just "popped" that night and the petals looked like crinkled tissue paper. Pretty cool.

The crowning jewel of all the temples (in my opinion)

I just loved this snapshot.
Well, let's just say it was a full two weeks in Canada and I'm so glad we went. (But I'm also glad we're home) We had such a great time and hopefully we'll go again soon!


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