Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! Our baby is two months old!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Matt and I are celebrating with a "French" theme tonight! I'm making, french toast, french fried, french bread, french dip sandwiches, and french onion soup. Ha ha! And for Matt's present, I've planned 12 dates (one for each month) for us to use over the course of the next year. His biggest challenge to date night has always been coming up with things to do, so I think this one is a winner!

But onto the big news, yesterday Baby Girl turned 2 months old! I can't hardly believe how fast the time has gone by (after those first 2 weeks...)

Here are some stats:
"This is my "stop-shoving-that-camera-in-my-face-mommy" face" - Everly

  • Baby Girl weighs about 10 lbs.
  • Finally fits into her 0-3 month clothes
  • Is sleeping longer at night (we had our first sleep through the night last night!!)
  • Has rolled over several times! Countless times from tummy to back and once from back to tummy
  • Has discovered her hands and is mesmerized by them (and trying to find her thumb to suck on)
  • Smiles a lot, but only if we're face to face
  • Will say "How" (sort of) back to you if you say "Hi" to her a couple of times
  • Loves to listen to the piano and mommy singing Primary hymns
  • Has been officially accepted in to the family by Truman (he rubs on her dangling feet if he can find them) 
Just falls asleep in Dad's arms.
That's my girl! Being so advanced! :) And I can't believe how big (and fat! I mean seriously! look at that Buddha Belly!) she is! I keep looking at her new born clothes and think about how far she's come. And she's looking more and more like Matt everyday. Which annoys me. So don't mention it.

And now that I realize it, I don't have very many pictures of Evie and me together... I'll have to remedy that this next month. :) Here's hoping it goes by just a smidgen slower.

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  1. You're so funny. Everyone told me how much C looked like her daddy for the longest time. Just last week at church though I had several people say how much she looks like ME. It's a big deal. But I have to admit she looks like a carbon copy of Brandon's baby photos. W has always looked like me - so it irked me when people started saying he looked like B. Nope. He's mine. But really they're kind of both of us. Point: I sympathize :)


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