Sunday, December 4, 2011

False starts and frustration

Last night, I started having contractions at a fairly regular rate. I mean, I've noticed having braxton-hicks contractions for a while now, but these were gratifyingly 10 minutes apart for a solid couple of hours. Matt and I were taken aback and started a frenzied rush around the house. We hadn't put the stroller together, or installed the car seat yet, not had I packed my hospital bag. But for several hours, I had a secret hope that this baby was on its way, I didn't have to be induced and that I didn't have to pregnant all that much longer.

But around midnight, the contractions started being farther apart and eventually stopped. I went to bed, and woke up this morning completely and thoroughly exhausted. But I bucked up and got ready for church, only to have a few annoyingly intermittent and slightly painful contractions start back up. The painful part got my attention and I (being a first timer) got worried and called the on-call physician. She said it was probably nothing but the baby having "dropped" some (probably from last night's activity) and that her shoulder or something may be digging into my back. But unfortunately, there's not much they can do and as long as the baby is still moving around and my contractions are not closer together. So ultimately, nothing to worry about and don't come to the hospital.

That is the most frustrating thing I've dealt with this whole pregnancy: "Yes it's normal, no there's nothing that can be done about it". For the most part, I've expected to be uncomfortable and hormonal on top of huge, but I feel like I've had both common and uncommon symptoms of pregnancy that have impacted my ability to function on a daily basis. I can understand that being pregnant is a huge shift in for your body and that it takes some adjusting on your part to deal with all that comes with being pregnant, but why is there so little that the doctors can do when it comes to the aches, pains, bleeds, etc.?

And I'm frustrated that I am still pregnant after last night. I know my due date isn't until this Saturday, but I am done. I'm done with stupid things people say, I'm done with random people thinking that it's ok to touch my belly and I'm done with not being to bend over. And the worst part now, is that every time the baby moves, I think it's a contraction. Any slight change in pressure or sensation has me on pins and needles thinking I might be starting another episode like last night. It's seriously feels like I'm a race horse, in the gate and some jerk face is rattling the door to my pen just because I'll jump. It's completely draining me of all energy and is putting serious strain on my ability to react to things rationally. I just want to be done. 

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  1. Hang in there! Thanks for reminding me why being pregnant is no fun! :o)I hope things go well and happen fast! Good luck, it will all be worth it when the baby does come, you will be surprised how quickly you forget how awful it was.


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