Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am crazy

We started three home improvement projects all at the same time. We didn't plan it that way, but it all went down this week and we're going to keep going until it's finished (and by we, I mean the guys I've hired to help me out!).

The Bathroom

Ah, the guest bathroom. I am *so* sorry if anyone has had to use it. It was gross. The tub was cracked, the shower surround was actually a wood sticker with some plastic on the front, and it was Truman's bathroom too, so of course it was icky from that too. (I promise that we always cleaned it super-extra deep when we had company coming!) Any way, the point is that we wanted the bathroom to be a little bit nicer. Too bad it's not there yet. Soon, though.

The Laundry
So, Matt and I have talked about it for a while, and we finally got the shelves up yesterday. I haven't put everything back yet, so all the stuff is still on the floor in the library. I don't consider myself a particularly tidy person (as Matt will attest to), but the mess is starting to get to me. I am going to get everything put back *today*

The Yard
We talked to the landscaper a while back, and after confirming the details on Saturday, he showed up today. I hadn't really planned on that. He said me might show up today, but never confirmed any details. It was a little shocking to see him this morning in my pj's, but I'm glad it's getting done.

Now, I'm not doing any of this work, but there are still three trucks in front of my house and a few in my yard. We're widening our driveway so we can park the cars next to each other. Short of adding a garage, I think this is a really great idea. We are also adding a stone patio in the back and a path to connect the driveway and the patio. We're also putting in a few raised beds for a vegetable and flower garden (I'm super excited about those!). And then, to solve our non-grass problem (we can't get grass to grow in the backyard due to the incredible amount of trees, which I love), we're spreading two huge truck loads of mulch, to which I will add plants later as our budget will allow.

And just for the heck of it, we took out about four scrawny little trees that we're either blocking the view of the house or were struggling because they were placed underneath huge oak tress. It's a little weird to see the front of our house (which was impossible to see from the street due to the trees), and I was sad to see the maple and the mulberry trees go, but it's for the better.

When everybody's finished, I'll take more pictures and post them up!! :) So here's to keeping my sanity!

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