Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Interesting informations

Have you ever wondered if people actually read your blog or whether you're sending your thoughts into the proverbial e-void? Well, for those of you who wonder, wonder no more! Google analytics is here to save the day! I love looking at my stats on it. I think it's really neat that you can see how many view your website each day and where those visitors are from. For instance, I have people who have viewed my blog from the following states (in order from most to least): Utah, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, New York, New Hampshire, Idaho, California and Minnesota. For the most part, I can guess who's reading it from where. My mom checks my blog daily I think and I have family in a few of the other states. It's the states like Minnesota and Texas that surprise me!

Any who, I had my last day at work today. I'm kind of sad because this means no more monies will be coming in my specific direction. I actually liked this job (as opposed to several others that were merely means of earning income). I was working for the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. I was a data collector for a study they were managing for the college. I got to interact with parents and children in a public health setting. I really enjoyed it (for the most part). I got to play with kids and get paid for it. Hopefully, there will be another round of recruitment for this same study and they'll call me and see if I can work for them again, but it won't be for another few months. *sigh* I hope that I can find another job that has been this great. And by the way, thanks again Greg for hooking me up with the connection!!

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