Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad news then good news

So, Matt recently "lost" his job as level one support manager at RedHat. I put quotes around lost because he actually stepped down from the position due to differences with his boss, but all the same, they gave him 4 weeks to find another job within RedHat and then after that, he would be out of a job completely. Well, that occurred about 3 weeks ago, so we were starting to get a little anxious about not having income. We had some stock options etc. that we could've lived off of for a little while, but not for too long. Any way, today we got word that Matt has secured another position within RedHat. It's been a possibility for a while now, but today we got word that it was going to happen! I cannot express the emotions that I have felt and that I'm currently feeling. It's a terrifying thing to know that your income isn't always a constant. I am so grateful for this position and I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father who has looked after us and protects us. I am so grateful for everything He gives us, especially this job in the area (the other big possibility was a job in California). While I'm sad that I don't get to move to California, I'm relieved and happy that we've found something here. Any way, here's a reminder that anything could happen at any time and that you shouldn't take what you have for granted. Thanks to any of you who had been praying for us. I know that it helped.

Well, I've got to run to class! I just wanted to share the news!!


  1. That's crazy Teri. I'm glad to hear that Matt was able to get another position there and so quickly. You guys are really fortunate like you said. Take care.

  2. Wow. Good thing that worked out - I guess congrats on Matt being able to find something else, for lack of being able to think of a better word. Office politics - blerg.


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