Thursday, April 30, 2009

And exhale...

I have finally finished this semester!! I think the worst is over as far as classes go. And you know what? I got a B in biochem! I'm not sure how I managed that, but I did and I'm ecstatic! I've never worked so hard in my life for a class. I'm just so relieved that I won't have to retake it.

The one downer of the day though, was that I ended up with a C in my sports science class. Here's the story. About two weeks ago, I had my last test in biochem. On that same day, I had scheduled my sports science test (because I'm taking it as a distance education class). I missed my appointment at the testing center because I was studying for my biochem test that night (which I ended up acing!!! YEAH!) . The way the class was set up, you could either take all 5 tests and if you felt satisfied with your grade, you didn't have to take the final. So, I just decided to take the final. I checked my appointment for the final and saw that I had scheduled it on the same day as biochem. I wanted to spend as much time studying for biochem as possible, so I rescheduled my exam for Thursday. So, last night, I was checking to see if any of my grades were posted and I saw that one had been posted for the sports science class, even though I had yet to take the final. I immeadiately checked a syllabus (which didn't have any dates on it) on the course website and then remembered that he sent out a specific syllabus for this semester in an email. I checked it and it said that we needed to have taken the final by the 28th (a Tuesday). My heart sank into my stomach and I immeadiately wrote my professor and email explaining all of this and continuted to study for my final. I wake up this morning and my professor tells me that because he's already submitted the grades, there's nothing he can do. I'm just glad that I did weel enough on my tests and my paper that a zero test grade didn't bring my grade down to failing!! Grrr.... I'm still really mad about it though.

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Any way, so now that I am done with classes for this semester, I am going to hit up a bunch of things on my list, namely getting my house in order so that I can photograph it to share with the world. :) I'm looking forward to a very productive summer. How about you?


  1. That stinks about your test! That happened to me once with a grammar test in my English 115 class. Lucky for me, two or three other people made the same mistake and we were all able to take the test again, but not for full credit. Which really stunk because I never do well on grammar tests in the first place!

  2. Congrats on the BioChem! That does stink about the other test. I'm sure we'll all get together at some point during the summer.


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