Monday, May 12, 2008

We're buying a house!!

I can't hardy believe it, but we're buying a house! Matt and I have toyed with the idea of buying a house for a very long time and we have frequently gone to see houses all over. It wasn't until we started talking about what we wanted to do after our lease was up for our current apartment that we started looking again. We saw the house and loved it! It is close to NC State which is good for both of us (Me with school and Matt for work) and is in a pretty good area. It is, unfortunately in a different ward. I'm a little disappointed because had the house been maybe a couple hundred feet to the west, we would've stayed in the ward boundaries. Plus, Mary and Christian are now in our ward... *sigh* Oh well, we'll just have to make the best of the time we have left and it's not like we'll never see them again. Any way, enough talking! Here's the pictures that were with the listing.

I *LOVE* this kitchen! It's cool and funky and has some pretty awesome details in it. It's a little on the petite side, but it's charm makes up for it!

*sigh* So, that's the latest and greatest! We close on June 30 and take posession at that time. We haven't decided if we'll move in right away since our lease is up technically on July 24th. But I can't wait to not have to worry about the neighbors underneath us or above us or sharing walls with people anymore. :) Hurray!!


  1. Congratulations on the house. Way to desert the ward though :(
    I love the kitchen. It's super cute.

  2. Ummmm....let me just say I am MAD.

    MAD to hear about this life change VIA BLOG!!!!

    That aside...what an amazing home! I cannot wait for you! It is beautiful---and I can feel that it has a good vibe. We are SOOOOO happy for you. I know how much you love a good kitchen, and this one looks lovely.

    We are so happy for you.

    Love you.


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