Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Matt and I went to the beach with some friends for Memorial Day. I'm proud to say that I only got a little crispy. Normally I get burnt on my shoulders and back, but I was really good about reapplying there. I was so good about remembering my shoulders and back that I forgot about my forearms and the back of my lower legs. :) It wasn't too bad though. Matt got a little crispy on his feet... go figure.

Matt and I rented a beach house with Blayke, Eduardo, Scarlett, Nate, Jenny, Josh and Michelle on Ocean Isle. Our house was on a canal a little ways back from the beach which was really cool. We had our own little dock and there were lots of little fishies that loved to eat the bait off my hook. The house was nice, except that there were only two bathrooms. While no one else thought this was a hardship, it seemed that every time I had to use the bathroom, everyone else did, so there was quite a bit of waiting done on my part doing the antsy dance. We were really close to the beach and the weather was relatively mild the whole time. We had a really good time.

On Monday, we bought a refrigerator. We went into Lowes while waiting for a movie to start and we found the perfect fridge. The space we have for the fridge is on the small side and it was really hard to find the fridge that we wanted in the size we had to fill. But there it was. It is a thing of beauty. The only catch is that they were clearing out that model for the new ones and we had to take it right away. So, it's going to sit in the corner of out apartment until we move. :)

Speaking of our move, Matt and I are going to paint our house. Any ideas about the colors? Leave your inspirations in the comments.

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  1. I think the kitchen should be either a light apple green or a dusty/antique red. Glad that you had fun at the beach!


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