Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recipe Time: Turkey Gnocchi Soup

So, I wasn't sure what to do for dinner because my planned menu had gone out the window. I'd used up some ingredients already and didn't want to go buy more because I had a ton of food in my fridge! I just needed something to make with it. Thus, this soup was born. It was raining on Monday when I made it and I knew I needed something that would make a ton so I could take the rest of it to a sister in our ward who just had a baby. Soup just sounded right, so I started assembling things I had on hand and I was pretty impressed with how it turned out! I didn't measure anything, so don't hold me to the amounts. I just did a little of this and a little of that until it turned out right, so you may have to tweak this to your personal tastes, but in the end , I know you'll love it!

Turkey Gnocchi Soup - Serves 12 (aka, make this in a BIG pot)

1 Stick of butter
1/2 cup of flour
6 cups milk
6 cups of chicken stock
Turkey breast, fully cooked, cut into big chunks
Big handful of shredded carrot
2 teaspoons of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of onion powder
1 lb. potato gnocchi
1 bag of frozen vegetables of your choice (I used peas and corn)
Seasoned salt and Pepper to taste

In a large pot on the stove, melt the butter and whisk in your flour. Cook the mixture over medium high heat for about a minute or two. Then, slowly whisk in your milk and chicken stock. Keep whisking until the soup thickens. Once the soup thickens, add your chopped turkey breast, shredded carrot, and garlic and onion powders and keep heating for about 10 minutes. Add the gnocchi and frozen vegetables and season to taste. Allow the gnocchi and vegetables to heat through and serve with some yummy bread!

Sorry I don't have a picture to show! All the leftovers went to feed the other family. But let me assure you, this soup won't last long in your fridge!

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