Monday, April 9, 2012

Last Minute Trips

Matt and I are the Masters of Last Minute Trips (LMT). We love to just get up and go somewhere for a weekend. Before I got the calling of ward organist and Beehive's adviser, we would often spend the weekends in Charlotte or even head up to Blacksburg. We we would usually call two or three days in advance and then stay with friends. I loved traveling like this and thought my travelin' days were done once we had the baby.

Happily, I was wrong.

Matt decided Monday of last week to take some time off. And on Wednesday, we decided to head to the beach. Unfortunately we had obligations on Sunday at church and I promised my sister we'd come for Easter dinner, so we weren't able to stay the WHOLE weekend. We drove down on Thursday and stayed in a hotel at Carolina Beach. The hotel was lovely, but the weather didn't want to cooperate. It was really chilly and rainy the whole time at the beach and I hadn't packed for chilly for myself or Baby Girl. So Thursday and Friday were mostly miserable (in terms of weather), but it cleared up a little on late Friday so we were able to go for a quick walk on the beach (it was still cold).

We got some great pictures and introduced Baby Girl to the love of her life: the beach. :) We stuck her toes in the sand and she didn't immediately hate it.  I take that as a good sign. Any way, we got some great pictures at the beach and at the aquarium in Ft. Fisher. And even though the weather was rotten, it was still nice to just get away for the weekend.

Moon on the water... No flash. Crazy, right?!


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