Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger. Honestly I can't really say much has been going on here lately. I was sick last week and slept almost the entire time. Also, no word on the job front. So basically, I'm being pretty boring right now. *sigh*

Well, I guess I could share my new favorite thing with you:

Image courtesy of fanpop.com

Ok, I have a confession to make: I love anime.

I have always loved cartoons  and there's something about anime that I've always liked. I can't explain it, but I love to watch it in addition to reading manga from time to time. My little brother got me hooked on One Piece as well as a few others from Shonen Jump. Does this make me an uber nerd? I think not, but my dear husband likes to mock me every chance he gets. (What he won't tell you is that he's also a fan. He's the one who introduced me to Avatar and one of his favorite movies to date is Appleseed. Se there!)

Any way, if you have Netflix instant view, all three season of Avatar is on there. I highly recommend watching it. Well, I 'm off to Young Women's! I'll try to blog more this week!

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