Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow? In Raleigh?!

As some of you are aware (having actually lived through the experience), it snowed today! School was canceled and all was right with the world! :) Truman actually ventured out into the snow. He got as far as the edge of our grill before turning tail and coming back inside. He wanted so badly to be outside, but couldn't stand being in the cold, wet snow. It was really funny to watch!! Here are some more pictures of our house in the snow. It's our first snow in our first house! (I know that it's super corney, but I'm excited. Don't rain on my snow, ok?)

I had some friends come over and we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix while I made cinnamon rolls. The movie was great! I cannot say the same about the rolls. They tasted fine, but were hard as a rock. I'm just not gifted as a baker. Oh well.

And, as promised, here are some pictures of our newly rearranged living room. I realize that I haven't posted too many photos of the inside of our house since we've moved (thank you Rachel) and so, occasionally, as the rooms are cleaned, I'll post some pictures of the house. And now, ladies and gentlemen, the living room (Husband and cat included).


  1. looks fun! And anything that has to rise is hard...and I think sweet dough for cinnamon rolls has to rise, right? So I have empathy for the rock-hardness.
    Snow is so pretty! And your house is cute.

  2. wow I only expected there to be a light dusting of snow, that looks like a whole lot! Congrats!
    Also, I like the livingroom. I think it would have given our kids a lot more room to run around in like that. Creates a better race track around the downstairs!


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