Sunday, March 2, 2008

Baksetball game

Alright, so I thought I was done, but I'm not! :) Yesterday I went to the State v. Duke basketball game. It was a lot of fun! I went with Shelly, a friend from school who is also a nutrition major. We're taking a lot of classes together and she's really sweet! We started off the morning with a pancake breakfast with her and the other guys and girl coming with us to the game. Afterwards, we piled into one of their trucks and headed to the game. It was so much fun! It was my first basketball game as a student! We had pretty good seats down on the floor. The only stinky part was that it was behind the post, so it was hard to see some of the action. Here's Shelly trying to snag a picture of her favorite player, Ben McCauley (she calls him boyfriend!)
Here's me with Shelly before the game

And here's a shot of our group. Go wolfpack!

It was so much fun! I don't think I've ever screamed and jumped so much in my life! We were winning for almost the entire game, but in the last 5 minutes we made some fouls and they beat us. It was so disappointing! I've decided that I like basketball and will make an effort to go to more games next season. Go pack!!

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  1. So, that's how they spell basketball at NC State. :)
    -Greg W


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