Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day and a baby blessing

For Memorial Day, Matt and I went up to Blacksburg to visit my parents. Megan and Greg went camping for the first part of the weekend and then joined us on Sunday. We had so much fun having almost all the family there. If only little brother could've come, it would've been a perfect weekend.

Any way, I actually remembered to bring the camera AND take pictures! I was so proud of myself. :)

"I'm trying to sleep here, people!"

Ella hasn't quite grasped the concept of catching. She thinks it should just come to her.


S'mores are a girl's best friend

"That tablecloth looks absolutely delicious. I think I'll try it."

Grandma lovin' is the best kind of lovin'.

"Can I put my fingers in your mouth, please?"

Playin' with Bozo (aka Grandpa)

As pretty as a picture. Oh wait, it is a picture!

"I found you!" said Ella. "No, I found you!" said Bozo.

"Mmmmm, hair...."

"I'm not so sure about this height. I think I prefer being a little closer to the ground, thank you."

Sitting up on her own, like a big girl. Where did my baby go?!

Worst. picture.ever. I just thought it was hilarious! Ella looks high and Evie looks cracked out.

This is a much better picture. Minus the drool, of course.
And this past weekend, we traveled to Charlotte to participate in a friend's baby blessing. Unfortunately, we were running late and as we walked in the doors of the building, we heard, "Our Father in Heaven..." I was so sad and embarrassed that we didn't get there in time! I always underestimate how much extra time is needed to get ready, especially now that I have to get me and Evie ready.

Any way, there was a great little shindig after church with the family and it turned out to be just a beautiful day. And of course, Matt made his best batch of ice cream ever and I could only have a tiny spoonful. I was so bummed I couldn't immediately shovel more in my mouth. Seriously, this no dairy thing can be such a drag sometimes. Any way, we had a wonderful time with our friends.

Us + Baby Gavin

Just the girls!

The Charlotte Friends
And after having traveled two weekends in a row with an infant, I have to say I am NOT looking forward to the flight to Canada in a week. Wow, seriously, a week? That snuck up on me. I promise to take a ridiculous amount of pictures while I'm there and even try to post a few while I'm at it.


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